Frequently Asked Questions for New (LTR & Novice) Members of University of Alberta Rowing

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Don’t you guys practice at 5:00 in the morning?
NO! Novices practice at 4:30 or 6:00 in the afternoon (pm); there is no need to worry about early morning practices.

Do I need experience to try-out for the team?
No, we welcome individuals with zero rowing experience. In your first year of rowing, you will compete on the Novice Team, the whole team will be new to the sport of Rowing, and you race in a category against the same level. In your second year of rowing you will join the Development or Competitive team.

What do I need to do to try-out?
We will have booths set up during Orientation and Week of Welcome Clubs Fair. We will have one to two meetings TBA, where you can come and get all the information you need. If you cannot get to the meetings, please contact any member of the UART exec at crrowing@ualberta.ca or ERC/UART Head Coach Ali Williams at erccompetitive@gmail.com

If I don’t know how to row, how will you decide who makes the team at tryouts?
We do not have try-outs, instead we try to keep as many athletes as possible involved in the sport.

I heard there was a pre-season camp and/or “Welcome Back Weekend”… how do I attend?
These camps are for Developmental-competitive and Competitive athletes only. LTR and Novice athletes need not attend.

Are there different positions on the team?
Yes. There are port and starboard positions for the rowers. Port side rowers use an oar that is attached to the left side of the boat and starboard rowers use one attached to the right side. There is also the position of “coxswain”. The coxswain sits in the stern of the boat, and is responsible for steering, calling commands, assisting with technique, and providing motivation for the rowers during racing and practices. If you are naturally less than 130 lbs. and motivational, you may want to consider becoming a coxswain.

How big is the team?
As big as we can make it.

What are practices like and how often are they?
Practices times for novice start out at a maximum of 6 days a week, about 2 hours per practice. Minimum practice commitment is 2 practices a week. This is necessary because our first race is late September, with the biggest race of the fall season for novices being Western Canadian University Championships in Vancouver in mid October. The type of training we do varies depending on the time of year, but it usually involves rowing on the water, rowing on the rowing machines (ergometers), other cross training activities, and lifting. The 2 hours includes set up and take down of boats.

Where does the team practice?
The team practices at the Boathouse in Buena Vista Park, directions can be found in the menu bar on the right labeled “Directions”.

How long is the rowing season?
There are actually three seasons. We begin training for the fall season in September and race in October and November. The first fall race is longer, usually about 5 kilometres in length, with the following two being sprints between 1500, and 2000 meters including the Championship Regattas. During winter training (mid-Nov to April) we have indoor races but it is mostly prep for the on water season. Summer rowing is the “3rd season” in Edmonton and is done through the Edmonton Rowing Club (UART takes a break). www.edmontonrowing.ca

Does the novice team get to travel too?
Yes. The novice and competitive squads travel together to most competitions around the country, including races throughout the Prairies, and in British Columbia. There is a Novice race at our Western Championship Regatta in British Columbia.

Are there costs involved?
Yes. As the cost of rowing equipment is so high, as well as travel there is a membership fee required by all. Fees cover entry fees, equipment funds, transportation, accommodation, coaching salaries and other miscellaneous costs. There is a two tiered membership allowing athletes the option to not go to WCURCs, which costs less. If you are interested in only racing as a coxie (coxswain), talk to a member of the UART executive to see if we can offer you a discounted membership – crrowing@ualberta.ca

Can you answer my questions about admission to the University of Alberta?
Unfortunately no. Please visit the website http://www.admission.ualberta.ca/ to find information relating to admission to the UofA.


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