Developmental-Competitive Rowing

This program is for athletes who have finished their first year of Novice rowing and wish to continue being competitive in rowing but are unable to commit to a full practice schedule. This program is great for athletes who have not been able to row over the summer and do not plan on competing at CURC caliber. Developmental-Competitive athletes will be required to purchase a Unisuit if they do not already have one, all other team clothing (including the polo shirt) is optional.

The list below are the major highlights of our University Rowing season. Developmental-Competitive athletes are welcome to attend these events and more! Check out the Calendar tab above to see upcoming UART events & socials.

Fall Season:
Welcome Back Weekend – Edmonton, AB – Friday, Sept 7-9th
General Meeting – ED 129, UofA Campus – Monday, Sept 10 @ 7:30pm
Dietician Meeting – Edmonton, AB – Saturday, Sept 29
Head of the Weasel/Dino Classic – Calgary, AB – Saturday Oct 13
Western Canadian University Rowing Championships (WCURCs) – Burnaby, BC – Oct 20 & 21
AGM & Winter Banquet* – Edmonton, AB – TBA end of November
Winter Season:
Reading Week Training Camp* – Shawnigan, BC – UofA Reading Week
Alberta Indoor Erg (Ergometer) Championships – Lacombe, AB – March TBA, 2013
* Extra fee associated with attendance

Developmental-Competitive Rowing Program Memberships:

There are 3 options for Developmental-Competitive Memberships:
A) $480 – Full Regatta Schedule (includes trip to WCURCs)
B) $200 – Partial Regatta Schedule (athletes are exempt from WCURCs)
C) $200 – Coxswain Membership (Athletes compete only as coxswains, includes WCURCs trip

If you have questions about whether you should be Developmental-Competitive or Competitive please contact Ali Williams at

**There may also be an opportunity to attend the Head of the Elk & Head of the Gorge regatta with ERC athletes. If interested please contact Ali and Marion ( to get organization in place. These regattas take place on Oct 27 & 28 in Victoria, BC.


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