Without partnerships the UART would be unable to exist. It is with great pride that we continue the partnerships we have today with the organizations at hand.

Edmonton Rowing Club – Without the ERC there would be no UART, they are the backbone to rowing in Edmonton. While the UART is an important part of growing rowing in the city, it is together with the ERC that this is able to occur. Together our clubs are stronger than ever before, built on volunteers backs and celebrated through the achievements of all.

Recreation Services – Through the years Rec Services has taken on many rolls with the UART. They are always there for guidance and help with the many glitches that come with running a club. It is also with Rec Services that we are eligible for the Campus Recreation Enhancement Fund (CREF) where our club receives money for big purchases – such as boats, ergs or oars. Without the support of Rec Services our members would have a higher financial burden, and for the support, we thank you.

Not to forget the support of the Alberta Rowing Association, Rowing Canada and our University of Alberta Rowing Club. Continued long term support of the UART gives us confidence that we can and will continue to make waves.


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