4 Reasons Why You Should Join

198598_157917297598391_1160236_n1. To make new friends (since strangers are just friends waiting to happen)

So you’ve joined the boat club on a whim. Within days you’re using phrases like ‘Let it run’ and ‘Hold
it up’ in everyday conversations. Jokes about long hard strokes and rushing the slide can only get funnier with time and repetition. You take great joy in explaining the intricacies of ‘Backing down’ to your non- rower friends. They don’t care. These people mean nothing to you. Weeks pass and soon you realize all your friends are rowers. You begin to refer to your crew members by seat number. Any social activity or holiday must include the entire boatclub and is preceded by multiple reply-all email threads. Weeks turn into months and somehow you end up as press officer.

6ffc98ce-0d75-4694-91a0-ee648cc9cd59-A007822. To cut all ties with your loved ones or pesky roommates(excuses for all occasions)

Whether it’s a long weekend, reading week or term break, at some point you will be expected to leave
your student digs and return to the sticks for some quality family bonding. They’ve missed you. You’ve
missed them less so. UART offers a range of guilt-free excuses to choose from for coxes, rowers and single scullers alike. From not wanting to let down the crew to being the only one with functional rigging tools, Mum will be proud of her little Johnny or Mary. ‘But wait’, I hear you cry, ‘What if my family come to visit me in Edmonton!?’ Never fear: UART offers affordable getaways from weekend regattas in Calgary to week-long training camps in places like California and Victoria. You never have to see your family again!

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 7.02.56 PM3. To see the world (going backwards)

Canada boasts prime locations for racing throughout the year. Provincial racing traditionally brings the club to such far flung utopias as Leduc, Vermillion and Calgary. Trips to beautiful British Columbia are planned for the Western Canadian University Championships, taking place in late October on a newly upgraded course in Burnaby. Trips to places like Calgary and Victoria to spend quality time with your friends while rowing are the best experiences you’ll get to have this year!

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 7.08.15 PM4. To unleash hell and get praise for it (coxing)

They’re small, they’re loud and they’re usually hungry. The most critical crew member in a coxed boat, the cox has a tough job. Responsible for the navigation and motivation of the crew, the cox must be fully focused when on the job. As lactic acid begins to seep into the muscles of crew members, the cox can ease the discomfort by screaming abuse down the boat demanding the best out of every stroke. A species of their own, coxes have their own lingo and everything must be done ‘on three’. If commanding a crew of sweaty athletes and coordinating the power and rhythm of the crew is where you see yourself, then UART can show you how. These tactical strategists are not to be messed with.


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